Great as a shield against the sea breeze both aboard and on the shore. Ideal for getting changed without all the clumsiness and possible embarrassment.

Go from poncho to extra-large beach towel in just a couple of clicks.

The Scubart Beach Poncho is the new original alternative to a traditional robe, uniting elegance with practicality.

Being so light and occupying very little space it is the ideal travellers accessory for all destinations.

Made from ultralight microfibre, the Scubart Beach Poncho has an absorbency ratio in excess of 300% while weighing less than half that of traditional terry and/or cotton robes.

Our Ponchos are available in various colours and two sizes: SM and LXL, based on height. We recommend SM for people up to 1.70 cm and LXL for those who are taller.< br /> When fully open as a beach towel the Scubart Beach Poncho measures:
LXL: 120 cm wide x 190 cm long. - Weight: 800gr.
SM: 115 cm wide x 170 cm long. - Weight: 750gr.

Turchese Fucsia Arancio Royal Blue Antracite Verde Mela Lilla


Made from the same ultralight microfibre as the poncho.
Size: 80 x 130 cm
Colours: single solid dye or with coordinating colour borders.